I lost/ I won the election


Advocate Phurpa Tamang
Thulo Bharkhu, Rasuwa

My participation in local level election is to give lessons to the different parties and its leaders that poor but highly educated person should take part in order to;

(a) lead political party in a fair election and try to stop bad persons to hold the position of peoples representation.

(b) political campaign can be conducted with low cost, few persons but with written agendas of the tenure period.

(c) Political campaign can be conducted without using loud speaker, noise, numbers of vehicles with political party flags and unemployed rough youths.

(d) Political campaign can be conducted in a good manner way and peacefully interaction with the voters etc.
Well! I was not elected due to opposition parties have invested so much money during the campaign period and distributed lot of money for buying votes during the silence period of early 48 hours of vote casting. But, I won in my agendas of second priority.

I could show the paths of peacefully campaign, conduction of election in a low cost and written program(development plan) of five years.

I won the election in this way but poor people of my place defeated again in this election. Every elections those conducted in my district turns toward the rich people. It is from the Panchayat regime to date.
We the educated persons are clever but not cunning. The parties are captured by cunning but rich persons hold and they use every tricks for their victory.

That is why our place, our region and our country is not developed. They have tricks to hypnotise voters.

The poor voters get influences from the money distribution. The money is not only distributed by the winning party candidate but also by the defeated candidates too. So, what can be hoped from such representatives who invested so much money in this election? What will he/she do?

Development for the society or nation? or to regain or recover the invested money? The answer is simple. And, what is thinking of the defeated candidate now who also equally spent money in the election?

I am the candidate who spent least money in this election. Though it was too for me. That is why I lost/ I won the election.

My candidacy is for the sake of poor peoples lifestyle change through development in quality education for children, utilisation of natural resources, reducing of unemployment, subsidy in agricultural farming, tourism, bio-diversity conservation etc.


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